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Treating with Acupuncture
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Medical Treatment

It is important to treat your body in a holistically medical way as well. We have a medical specialist on staff who can help with all your needs.

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Have you injured your self at the Gym ? or were you playing your favorite sport? maybe you just have some old issues and need a good tune up. Acupuncture relives pain, releases tight muscles and joints, it even helps with mental and emotional trama. 


Cupping Therepy

A major solution to chronic and acute pain, weight management, fatigue, digestion, headache, Mens and women's health, facial release. and much more. This is rivals a good deep massage in every way.


Shockwave Therepy

Shockwave sessions can help repair the most stubborn cases of , joint and muscle fatigue, froze shoulder, tendon issues, planter fasciitis, tennis elbow and much more.

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