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Well, well, well. I’ve been expecting you!!


My name is Anthony and I am a certified personal trainer through “Elevated Learning Academy.” I first decided to become a personal trainer a few years ago, when I started Muay Thai. I found out every week they do a 5k run, and I remember being so nervous because I wasn’t sure I could do it. With the support of my group I did make it and 6 months later I ran my first marathon. It felt so great to accomplish something that I never thought I would be able to do, and I decided to get into an industry where I could help others feel the same way.

Working for Southpaw has been great because I’m constantly learning more and more about the industry, I’m in, and what my role in it is. I don’t want people to see exercise and nutrition as a punishment but a tool to enjoy every day to the fullest. I’ll admit that when I first got into fitness, I approached it with the wrong mentality. I had to watch a motivational video every day just to get myself into the gym, because I saw it as something I had to do. Now I try to lead a good example by showing that I eat healthy, exercise, push myself, and enjoy every second of it.

The one thing above all that gets results is consistency, so it’s important to me that everyone in my class enjoys their time and takes away something new to improve their skill. Cause who says sweat and smiles can’t happen at the same time?!?!

I can’t wait for you to start your journey at Southpaw and see how you progress. I’ll see you on the floor. If you have any questions or want to see me in action ;p my contact and social media is listed below.

Bryenna Dougherty

Holla! I’m Bryenna Dougherty and am so lucky to be doing what I love – spreading the health vibe with you! Here’s my story:

My beautiful and spirited mama has struggled with health issues and body dysmorphia her entire life; on the other side my father is 6-pack lean (even in his 60’s), incredibly disciplined, and carries the torch with the power of mind over matter as he’s impressively busted thru life’s various challenges. I’ve gotten to experience the best of both worlds, and if I may so humbly borrow from The Matrix, my mama is the Oracle and dad the Architect….so that makes me Neo and I’m going to free your mind and bend your body into tip top shape ;)!

As a child, I step-upped and kicked (double time!) with mama to VHS tapes starring Susan Powter (such an inspiration with her shaved head), Billy Banks (the beginning of my martial arts love affair), Tony Little, and even Richard Simmons (now there’s sum energy). Dad nurtured a keen mind-body awareness and inspired me to develop a fitness lifestyle young. By 9 I had my own workout regimen of a 2 mile jog in the clean country air, 50 sit-ups, then stretches – do static stretches after your workout, people! Thru out the years I shared my mom’s ups and downs as she dealt with a rollercoaster of issues including obesity, pride/happiness, depression, and the debilitating diagnoses of lupus and fibromyalgia. We shared a lotta laughs and fun along the way, and I also watched her live a yo-yo of emotions as she found her inner strength, and sometimes forgot it… I greatly appreciate these experiences because they inspired a deep empathy and desire to help others who struggle with health. My philosophy is that happy, healthy people contribute to a happier, healthier world – join me in expanding this ripple into a tidal wave!

I’m ACE-certified and bring the mind-body-spirit connection to sessions. I believe our bodies are uniquely ours and respond to the energy we create with thoughts, feelings, unconscious beliefs, what we ingest, and even our breathing. You are amazingly adaptive, especially when incorporating the power of mind and heart!

As the biggest fan of The Matrix, my cheesy takeaway line that I say in my head probably every day is…”There is no spoon”. You are much stronger than you know – you CAN do this! Now join me on the exercise floor and let the fun (and sweat) begin!


Jordanne Harris

Hi everyone!!! My name is Jordanne Harris and am very blessed to be apart of this fitness family. But first let me share my story with you!

I have a bachelors in Musical Theatrefrom Sheridan College and a diverse background in dance! My training consists of jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and street jazz. Through dance I was able to develop a strong sense of body awareness. After severely injuring myself I was forced to step away from dance. After quitting dance I fell into a spiral of unhealthy habits both mentally and physically. And something needed to change.

When I first walked through the doors at Southpaw I was significantly overweight and was riddled with anxiety and felt horribly uncomfortable in my skin. I could barely walk up stairs without feeling out of breath, tired and defeated. But since finding my family at Southpaw and going through the training process I found way to train that I love, I’ve readdressed my relationship my food after years of yo-yo dieting and I have never felt better and more in control of my life.

I come from a place of knowing when I train. I know how it feels to be afraid, to feel embarrassed, or like it’s never going to change. I promise you, you can! Now let’s laugh, burn a few calories and have some fun!!!


Hello! I’m Jessica and I am very excited to teach some of the classes at Southpaw Boxing. I’ve been personal training and teaching boot-camps since 2009. I thought I was strong and fit until I tried kickboxing with a friend one day and couldn’t believe how much it kicked my ass. I was totally hooked and wanted to share it with everyone I knew. I started a women’s only kickboxing company and ran lots of classes until I started focusing on my boxing technique working with a trainer. Boxing became my true passion and I stared competing in 2015.

Boxing is a test of your mental and physical abilities – there’s such a rush when you are in the ring! I still compete, having won a Silver medal at the Ringside World Championships in 2016 and a Bronze medal at the 2019 Canadian Nationals. I have big plans for 2020 and I am constantly working to improve my skills.

Outside the ring I am training and competing with my horses, playing ringette, or paying attention to my energetic puppy Grapes.

I look forward to seeing you at the gym and helping you get healthy and strong!

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