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About Online Training

Our approach to fitness is having a positive well rounded lifestyle. We call our solution Fit as Fu*k Lifestyles.

This comes with the pursuit of all levels of wealth. Inner, Physical, financial, and wealth of knowledge to name a few. In this series we will be focusing on inner and physical wealth, a large component of the training will revolve around giving you the knowledge you need to change not only your body but your overall mindset and well-being. If how you do one thing is how you do everything. Then why not start with fitness and grow all areas of your life.

Online Training 

Our online training solution is your gym away from the gym weather your in your living room, the office, or ever on vacation our online training allows you to manage your fitness journey, from Tracking your macros to enjoying the curated workouts Our all does it all 

Training programs 

New daily workouts to keep working out fun and exciting. Our team Designs These custom workouts to ensure that your fitness outside of the gym is as effortless as turning on your phone and working out.

Daily acountability 

Our app forces you not only to get the most out of every workout but just in case you were having a lazy day our solution will make sure to remind you that your dream are all that matter and reaching that goal if your number 1 priority.

Nutrition tracking 

The fit as fu*K lifestyles prioritizes your health, doing so by allowing you to track every piece of nutrients you put in your body. this allows our product to keep you accountable for your goals and reminds you when you need more nutrients to feed your muscles.

NUtrition guide 

Our nutrition guide comes from our in-house certified nutritionists and allows Fit as Fu*K to tailor your nutrition plan toward your age, gender, height, weight, and goals.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Such an incredible gym! It’s a home away from home where you can feel accepted and comfortable no matter what your fitness level! Members are incredibly friendly and really make this place welcoming! I highly recommend!

Shawna Syminton

Southpaw has been amazing through this pandemic, always keeping us in the loop and making us feel like we’re a part of the team. The workouts are great and the coaches are the reason I keep coming to this gym. Thanks everyone for all your efforts and having us back.

Jacob Buart 

I have been a member of the Southpaw family now for two years. Joining this gym was probably the best thing I have done for my personal mental and physical health. It has completely changed the way I feel about working out and eating clean. The trainers are amazing and motivate you every step of the way. If you have questions regarding food, or struggles you may have, they are there for you and help you achieve your goals. The fitness classes are different every week, and your body works hard. It’s not just for boxers, but hey if you’re interested in boxing, they’ll also help you get there too! The other members are awesome and you really are a part of a community here. Sky’s the limit here and it was absolutely life changing for me!

Robinson Clarck

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