Invest in your fitness with 5 Fitness classes you can book and choose from. 

Fitness Classes

Our Famous 6 week CHALLENGE

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Our 6 week training program has been proven with 90% effectiveness. to give the the results you crave. We provide workouts for 3 days a week along with a meal plan to follow. Get ready to start your fitness journey. Our circuit program consists of all the following classes. 

Our famous five Fitness Classes

#1.Boxing CIRCUIT  

We teach you properly here, with an instructor at every session you book. We want you to be able to get all the pieces of knowledge and form as well as the best damn workout in the world.

#2. 12 X 12 army bootcamp

The 12 X 12 circuit is core and strength conditioning series that pushes you to your maximum every time you come in the doors. We focus on your strength and movement by providing 12 stations of functional movement.

#3. Bulgarian Bag Class  

Ok this class is next level, it takes the concepts of kettlebells and functional training and mixes them together. Its a must try class. 

#4. Kettlebells Class

Movement is key and kettlebells help you build a strong and stable core while developing all the little muscles we use to power our big muscle groups. .

#5. Boxing Hand pads Class  

You want to train like a boxer here, and this class gives you both perspectives of what a boxers sees in the ring. Come hit hand pads to start and then switch with a partner and catch all the combos as well..

FITNESS CLASSes start at 5 am and run almost every hour 

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