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warren & vlad.

Warren Grenier and Vlad Goldenstein together as a team share a vision, with their dedicated training regiment you will quickly find your path, and began a new life in fitness and sport.

Our club is host to many different groups and caters to both the young and the young at heart, our club represents a family to those that have joined us and we love watching that family grow.

Both recreational and competitive boxers comprise our membership and we always have an open door to anyone who wants to learn the sweet science. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you and become part of our family.

-NCCP National coaches certificate  program level 2  certificate

-AIBA amateur international boxing association certified 1 star coaches

and registered with boxing Alberta


General  Manager


My name is Anthony and I am a certified personal trainer through “Elevated Learning Academy.” I first decided to become a personal trainer a few years ago, when I started Muay Thai. I found out every week they do a 5k run, and I remember being so nervous because I wasn’t sure I could do it. With the support of my group I did make it and 6 months later I ran my first marathon. It felt so great to accomplish something that I never thought I would be able to do, and I decided to get into an industry where I could help others feel the same way.

I started off my passion for training as a group instructor at Southpaw and have now been given the opportunity to focus on personal training. I don’t want people to see exercise and nutrition as a punishment but a tool to enjoy every day to the fullest. I’ll admit that when I first got into fitness, I approached it with the wrong mentality. I had to watch a motivational video every day just to get myself into the gym, because I saw it as something I had to do. Now I try to lead a good example by showing that I eat healthy (but still enjoy goodies from time to time ?) , exercise, push myself, and enjoy every second of it.

The one thing above all that gets results is consistency, so it’s important to me that everyone I work with enjoys their time and takes away something new to improve their skill. Cause who says sweat and smiles can’t happen at the same time?!?!

Big Dave.

Head oF Personal Training


-Elite master certified Personal Trainer (20 years)

-Body Transformation Specialist (specialized in adults over 40)

-Booty Specialist 

-Contest prep coach specializing in all facets (Bikini, figure, and bodybuilding)

-Kids sports enhancement

-Strength, conditioning, and powerlifting

-Sports supplementation

-Trainer for all ages and levels 


Kids Boxing Coach

Axel began his lifelong love affair with boxing as a teenager, somewhere in the late 80’s. A respectable amateur run, and a short stint in the semi-pro “Casino Circuit” in the 90’s followed. Since then, he has amassed a world of experience as a non-combatant citizen. Axel studied Elementary Education at the University of Calgary and has had success as a writer and publisher, as well as a myriad of other careers. 

As a dad of two and a former athlete, Axel understands the importance of getting kids moving, as well as keeping them interested in the sport. Having seen action in all aspects of boxing, from inside the ring, to coaching and judging, Axel has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help aspiring boxers and newcomers alike. He has been lucky enough to coach kids and beginners at Southpaw for several years, and plans to stay until he goes out like Mickey in Rocky III.”



Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Shawna is a certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal trainer and an honours graduate of the Applied Nutrition Science Diploma program. 

She is an energetic, optimistic warrior of a trainer! She’s always been drawn to fitness and nutrition through her own personal struggles with mental illness. Through healthier lifestyle choices Shawna continues to learn how our physical bodies affect our brains and their performance. She is passionate about using her experience both in fitness and nutrition to help others within the community find their happiness and health again!. 

Shawna has a long list of experience in recreational sports and fitness including soccer, dance, gymnastics and kickboxing to bring to the table. She has a constant desire to learn more and  uses evidence backed approaches to program planning. She personally understands that having appropriate physical activity levels and proper nutrition can drastically help improve a person’s mental health and their ability to cope in day-to-day challenges!



Beginner Boxing Coach “The Mongoose”

Hey, it’s coach Terence and I’ve been boxing for 7 years with the aim to go pro. I’ve had 21 fights and have gained experience from across Canada. Aside from boxing, I enjoy hiking, biking, and drawing. 

Back in Nova Scotia, I had a colleague who told me he used to train at Southpaw Boxing here in Calgary, so when I moved to Alberta I set out to find it and didn’t stop looking until I had. In 2020, I took up the job of coach upon request and I’ve been giving it my all since.

I teach the beginner’s boxing class at Southpaw Family and fitness, where I strive to push my students to improve, teach self-discipline, and instill a love of physical challenge.

-Open Boxer

-Golden Stars boxing team member




Boxing and Training Coach

Hello, my name is RJ and I am very blessed to be a part of the Southpaw family

I am currently taking an undergrad in business and aiming to specialize in accounting. I have always been an active person, being the hyper active kid in that family I have played and joined many different sports. From soccer, to track and field, to junior high and high school basketball team, bodybuilding, and CrossFit.

Then one day I decided to learn the sweet science I stumbled upon southpaw, and ever since that day I’ve been hooked. The study of fighting, learning about my inner self mentally and physically, to push the body I never thought possible. It’ll forever be a continuous learning, and I don’t want to stop.

I hope one day you’ll be able to experience what I have experienced, a choice you’ll never regret. Be at your best shape and reach your highest potential!

Now let’s put work in.

-Open Boxer

-2020 golden gloves champion

-Golden Stars boxing team member


Personal Trainer

I first gained interest in fitness at 16 to develop a healthy lifestyle. I quickly gained a passion for training and helping others through social media. Shortly after, I started my education at Mount Royal University. Since becoming a Personal Trainer, I have designed programs for all ages at every level of fitness to meet individual goals. I believe everyone has the right to feel good about themselves inside and out.


-Strength training, hypertrophy, functional training, body composition, cardiovascular training


-Mount Royal University Personal Trainer Program

Certified Personal Trainer

Roy Hertz.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer and nutrition consultant. 

R.N. Background.

-The knowledge I gained from R.N. degree allowed me to understand how the body functioned from a food and training aspect.

-Let me Help you to achieve your goal!!

-Contact me at :Ptroyhertz@gmail.com

– With 39 years in the gym myself, and 27 years training people, I have used this experience and knowledge to help many people achieve all kinds of goals 

Bodybuilding competition record:

-1st place at southern Albertas (ABBA)

-1st place at Albertas (ABBA)

-Twice in final 5 at nationals (CBBF)




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