New – Russian Army Boot Camp by Southpaw Boxing

Designed by a former Russian Marine who is  a certified boxing coach, strength and conditioning trainer, and a Master of Sport of the USSR, the Russian Army Boot Camp was developed for those who have  already attained a certain level of fitness and are seeking more specialized and extreme workouts. The camp runs 5 times a week: Monday through Friday, from 5 am to 6 pm. Each week you will be presented with a new workout, completely different from the week before. As a base, kettle bells will be used each day, with dumbbells, sand bags, medicine balls, rollers, battle ropes, barbells, and body-weight exercises supplementing each workout. If you want to improve your power, coordination, stamina, explosiveness, strength, and conditioning, then this program is for you. You will experience a completely new approach to your workout routine and will notice a significant improvement in your physical capabilities in a short amount of time.

Call to register (403) 305-4842 or (403) 889-6459

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