Photography by DR Prints, Poster by V.Goldenstein

Video by Module Creative Agency

Written by David G.

‘Professional boxer’. A straight-forward identification of a fighter’s job title, but an inadequate combination of words when trying to describe the actual fighter. To the general public, boxers are seen as modern-day gladiators simply placed in the ring to entertain. Nothing more and nothing less. We often forget that these athletes are people too though — individuals who have families, experience success, endure problems, and have both good days and bad. And in this regard, Steve ‘The Dragon’ Claggett (25-4-1) is just like other professional boxers. Look closer, however, and you’ll find a boxer unlike any other. After experiencing two questionable losses, largely seen as robberies within the boxing community, it would have been easy to get caught up in resentment and carry a sour attitude. Instead, Steve used those losses not only to learn more about the sport, but himself as well.

A point comes in our individual journeys where we reach an intersection. In this moment, we’re all tasked with making the most important decision in our personal lives, with only two available options to choose from: do we stay in the past and restrict our growth, or do we leap into the future and evolve? The past is the safe choice, the one in which we do what we have always done, rely on what we have always known, and live in a state of relative comfort. Denying this, Steve chose the path less traveled. He chose the future. You can see it in the way he trains, in the way he prepares, and most importantly in the way he thinks. Only 27-years-old, Steve already knows what he wants out of life — his goal set, his path found.
No one knows what the future holds, and so it easily scares most into pushing it away, denying any possibility of progression. The future makes no promises of safety, comfort, or success. The future is a bet on the unknown, one in which you have to bet everything because you must expect everything in return. Likewise, Steve went all-in on his future, every single hour spent in the gym the chips to his bet. And that’s what true champions do, because champions do not aspire to bronze or silver. They do not care for second place. They want everything or nothing. Being a professional boxer, Steve has developed the mentality of a champion, one fearlessly stepping into the future. Nothing short of gold will satisfy him, and that’s why he has placed his life on this bet. Not to become yet another elite fighter. Not to be forgotten. But to become the best — to become a part of history.


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