From April 24th – 30th, three of our own will compete at the 2017 Canadian Championships in Quebec City, Quebec. Not only fighting for pride and glory, they’ll also be representing team Goldenstars, Southpaw Boxing Gym, and the city of Calgary in the great province of Alberta!

Petru ‘Silex’ Bolun – Two-time Golden Gloves Champion, Provincial Champion, Western-Canadian Champion, 2014 Ringside World Champion, 2016 Olympic-Qualifier and National team-member.   

As is tradition at Goldenstars, Petru’s nick-name was given to him by head-coach Vlad. ‘Silex’ references the extremely hard flint mineral, which is used to produce sparks in order to create fire. Fittingly, the young prospect is strong and durable, producing fireworks every time he fights. An exciting boxer to watch, his style is focused yet aggressive. A fan-favourite, he always looks to finish the fight. In the gym, you will never find him sitting or resting, instead always preferring to push the pace by drilling cardio, powering through workouts, and practicing technique, embodying the leader of the Goldenstars team and being the role model that everybody looks up to. Despite his intimidating and serious demeanor within the ring, you’ll find a friendly, approachable and humorous one outside of it.

Bobbi-Jo ‘Bear Claw’ Lillies – Bronze, Silver and Golden Gloves Champion, Provincial Champion and 2014 Ringside World Champion.  

If you were to go off of looks only, you would never think that Bobbi-Jo had anything to do with combat sports. A blonde-haired knock out, you’d be wrong to think of her as just a pretty face. A fierce competitor in her own right, her angel-like appearance conceals an extremely active, strong and unique boxing style. Having come from Manitoba, she once trained under our good friend and amazing coach, Kent Brown. He did a great job teaching her the ‘Sweet Science’, and it was under his tutelage that she became a Ringside World Champion. Since moving to Alberta, she has quickly become the best in her weight division and continues to grow as both an athlete and fantastic technical boxer. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Bobbi-Jo assists any who need help, constantly pushing her teammates at Goldenstars forward. Adorning her neck is a self-made bear claw necklace, a direct reference to her nickname. An avid hunter, there’s not much this true-to-life country-girl can’t do.

Abdi Mohamed Jr. Golden Gloves Champion and Provincial Champion.  

Yet to receive a nickname, Abdi is seemingly reserved and quiet in nature, yet his knowledge on a wide variety of subjects reveals his true character to be both talkative and personable. Able to hold a conversation with anyone, his far-reaching knowledge especially extends to an encyclopedic recollection of all things boxing. Remembering an endless amount of fights and generally referred to as the go-to guy for boxing knowledge at the gym, he’s able to recall almost anyone who has stepped into the ring. Always pleased to discuss fights from boxing’s past, he also knows about all the upcoming bouts too. Watching every fight available to him, he breaks down the ‘Sweet Science’ with an analytical eye. His passion for the sport doesn’t end with just theory, however. Applying his analytical lens to training, Abdi has shaped a technical, relentless, and ferocious style inside the ring all his own. Starting off as an uncoordinated and unfit newcomer, he has developed into a true athlete with impenetrable work ethic. Though still fairly new to the block, don’t let his lack of experience fool you – Abdi lives and breathes boxing, and he’s gunning for the top.

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