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Located in South Calgary, the Southpaw Boxing Gym and The Goldenstars Boxing Team cater to all the Boxers in Calgary looking to win tournaments or get in shape.

Hard work. Dedication. Motivation. Experienced, mindful trainers who knows what it takes to win. These are just some of the things a boxer needs to take home victories. At Southpaw Boxing gym we have all of the above.

Unlike many gyms that focus on a variety of sports, we only Focus on Boxing. We are one of Calgary’s only true boxing gyms, and the belts hanging on our wall shows our commitment to excellence.

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5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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We Are Calgary’s Boxing Club for those that are Serious…

… about working hard, getting in shape, and having fun. We are looking for boxers who want to win tournaments, train harder, or just get in shape. We know that it can be hard to find an environment to train in that makes you feel comfortable while also pushing you to exceed your limits.

We are that gym!

We are a mix of dedicated people, young and not so young, who are all here for the same purpose: to improve and achieve our goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you are looking for a new fitness challenge, or that extra edge to take your technique to the next level, Southpaw has a ring for you.

For all your training and equipment needs please visit www.koboxingequipment.com

What can boxing bring to you? We started Southpaw Boxing Club Calgary in 2008, to share our passion for a sport that changes peoples lives. Boxing changes you, teaches you your limits and how to overcome them, teaches you to change the way you think about things and a new approach over all. The Southpaw Boxing family includes members of all ages and is dedicated to helping you learn the “Sweet Science” of boxing while providing a dynamic environment for you to grow as a person. We live each day looking to grow both mentally and physically, to push ourselves to attain as many of the goals we set for ourselves as possible.

Boxing brings so many new and amazing things into your life, a sense of direction, a commitment to always be pushing myself, the ability to adapt to a changing world, a drive to always be your best. Everything you do day to day can in some way be related to your time in a boxing club. Its makes us stronger, driven and dedicated in all aspects of life. Come visit the Southpaw Boxing Gym and Golden Stars Boxing Team, and change your life.

A Message From Warren Grenier

Founder, Southpaw Boxing

My first experience as a boxing coach began in 1980, at a time when I was in the Russian Army. I needed to have sparring so that I could get the proper training required in order to compete. Not having a coach myself, it fell on me to train six other soldiers to become my regular sparring partners. Towards the end of the ’90s I moved my life to Canada, and started to coach boxing again in 2009, this time formally. At the start of my Canadian career, I was teaching boxing classes while cornering professional boxers and MMA fighters. Then in 2011, both my attention and interest slowly started shifting towards amateur boxing. During this time, I created and started building up my own team, Goldenstars Boxing.

Boxing has always been the most honest sport I know. Words like honor, integrity, and loyalty take on true meanings through the sport. They become more than just pretty words — they become a way of living. Boxing brings people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and philosophies together so that they may train, compete, and find friendship inside and outside of the gym. This is the type of environment my students and I have been able to create with our team. Goldenstars is a group of young, dedicated athletes, consisting of both active competitors and recreational boxers. Every day, they push each other towards greatness. In my time coaching this team, I have seen shy and insecure students become strong and confident boxers. I have seen cocky students with poor attitudes become humble and respectful. We all share the gym as our temple, and we are all teachers and students within it. For us, boxing is not just a sport. It is our religion, our self-improvement, our lifestyle.

It has taken me more than half my life to develop my own ideas of what teaching boxing should be, and I am still continuing to learn every day. These ideas are nowhere better reflected than in the team I have built at Goldenstars Boxing, in no small part due to tireless work ethic and dedication of the students themselves.

A Message From Vlad Goldenstein

Coach, Southpaw Boxing